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Design of Emergency Stand by Generators

We have provided designs for emergency stand by generators for multi-family residential, medical, commercial and mission critical facilities. Provided load shedding design.

Provided design for generator parallel gear for critical facilities including 911 center and major data center.

The following is a list of the services that we have provided:

  1. Addition of generator to support emergency lighting, fire alarm system, elevators, and life safety loads.
  2. Upgrade of existing generator.
  3. Evaluation of existing generator and existing load. Determine existing generator spare capacity to add new loads.
  4. Generator load shedding. Divide the loads to critical or life safety loads and essential loads. Provide design to prioritize the generator supply to critical load and to secondary/essential loads. During the generator overload condition, the generator will drop the load to essential equipments, and will only supply to the critical/life safety equipment. We will provide code compliant design.
  5. Startup and commissioning services.
  6. Generator power to a special equipment or area, such as sewer pumps, water pumps, management office, garage doors, front-entrance security lighting, main entry doors to the building, etc.
  7. D2E engineering has provided engineering design for a normal and a luxury low-rise and high-rise buildings. We have extensive and diverse experience capabilities, which allow to provided proper design consultations to our client. We are specialized to sit down with the client and provide dedicated solutions to owners' special requirements and problems.
  8. We have provided and evaluated a number of emergency power systems that serve the buildings to create an upgraded system that complies and conforms to the latest electrical code requirements.